Views from the Bleachers

We get to the bleachers once a year because of charity tickets being sold WAY under normal bleacher face value.  The money goes to a school or a charity, which is great.

Finding our usual center field seats — rather our normal 1970s era seats — we settled in with a beer and a brat and prepared our scorecards.

Can you find Wife of Admin in this shot?  Hint — she’s the only one keeping score.

There were a lot of youngsters in the crowd, including a group of about ten fans in their twenties just to our right.

I noticed a puff of smoke.

“Oh no!” I exclaimed to Wife of Admin.  ”They’re not smoking are they?”  … thinking, where’s security?  Gotta stop this now! Also thinking, well, we used to smoke cigars in the ballpark!

Then we caught a wiff of the smoke. “I think it’s reefer,” I said to Wife of Admin.

“Hmmm.  Yeah.  I think you’re right.”

“It’s okay then.”

We looked around and saw that there were a lot of empty seats.

But the announced attendance was over 38,000!  Ha!  But it ended up being okay because Admin won the attendance pool.

It was twenty degrees colder if you walked up to the beer guy under the scoreboard.  Here’s the view from there …

Our friend Ryan Dempster just didn’t have it. (Don’t believe he’s our friend? Read the Epilogue to Waiting for the Cubs.) The Padres got out to a 2-0 lead.  It looked hopeless based on how few runs the Cubs have scored this year. But they kept getting on, and actually getting a few guys in. Then in the 8th Campana pinch ran for Poop Johnson who had poked a clutch 2-out single.  Campana then stole second … and third, in rapid succession.  Castro hit him in on a totally gutsy, amazing infield single to third. He slid into first and could have injured himself and been out for the season, but as far as we know he’s okay. But the game was tied 6-6!

Some have wondered how we can tolerate standing room, our usual Wrigley Field denizen, with all the people walking in front of us throughout the game.  Gotta tell you that our pot-smoking friends to our right in the bleachers kept climbing over us, going and coming with no end of beers and other cocktails of dubious color. It can be an annoyance no matter where you sit, or stand.

Back to the game. How about this for a view …

It’s Darwin Barney trotting home after hitting his ninth inning walk-off game-winner into the left field bleachers. Here’s what the bleacher crowd looked like as it happened …

Now, there are those of you (maybe those of us) who would say that it’s no big deal because the Padres stink, too. But it was fun. Way fun. We stayed for the playing of Steve Goodman’s song.

Then we went home and cooked steak!

2 Responses to “Views from the Bleachers”

  1. Margaret W says:

    Our firt Sweep !!! Love the pic of Barney trotting home in the 9th.

  2. admin says:

    Thanks, Margaret! It was a fun game. May there be many more sweeps … even if probably not this year!